Slings: CFM 56-3-7 Engine Handling

The CFM 56-3 or 56-7 Engine Handling Sling, P/N CFT 71015, is specifically used to transfer the CFM 56-3 or 56-7 engines from the stand to the workstation.  Each engine handling sling is manufactured with the focus on quality to assure safe lifting and handling of the CFM 56-3 or 56-7 engines.

The engine handling sling is flux welded using either A500 or A36 carbon structural steel components.  All pins and related hardware are precision CNC machined using either 4130 or 17-4 stainless steel.  All slings are painted using epoxy based paint per customer requirements.  Yellow is the standard color; however customized colors are available at no extra charge.

Each handling sling is load tested to 2.0 times operating load utilizing NIST certified gauges to assure each sling meets quality standards prior to shipment.  Additionally, dye penetrant or mag particle inspections are performed prior to and following load testing.

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